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Visual Workflows

The #1 automation platform is about to get even easier

A fresh new editing interface for your Workflows

As your team scales, automation can get complicated. A single flow turns into three or four, one branch becomes several. More people are involved in the process, and need a quick way to understand your campaigns. Your processes might get more complex, but your tools don’t have to.

  1. branching drop.png

    Visualized branching logic

    Envision your branches as you go on a simple visual canvas. Zoom in to optimize a specific component, or step back to see your entire campaign in a single holistic view.

  2. create workflow drop.png

    Lighter to learn, easier to use

    With the new visual interface, powerful automation is just a few clicks away. Plus, fewer external tools and additional diagrams on whiteboards, and a whole lot less work to train your new team members.

  3. Sharable drop.png

    Simpler to share

    Have stakeholders who want to review your automation before you launch it? The new design provides a more digestible snapshot for your CEO, CMO, or sales rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As of Inbound 2016, the new visual Workflows editor is finishing up beta testing. It will make its way into a portal near you in the months following Inbound. If you're a current HubSpot customer and would like to take part in the final stages of testing, fill out the form below, and we'll add the visual editor to your portal shortly.

    Keep in mind that beta tools tend to change more often, as they're being tuned for broader release.

  • Workflows is HubSpot's automation engine. You can use workflows to nurture your leads, alert your reps of key website activities, update your data in bulk, create deals, and much more.

  • Workflows is included in HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.
  • Yes. For a period after the visual editor is launched, you will be able to toggle between "old" and "new." 

Visual Workflows will be available soon.

Want early access? Fill out the form below to get on the list for our beta, and we'll get you early access to the tool. Keep in mind that beta tools tend to change more often, as they're being tuned for broader release.