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Free Online Form Builder

Generate leads from your website using a powerful online form builder.

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  • Create conversion-ready forms with ease

  • Customize your forms without technical expertise using a drag-and-drop form maker

  • Automatically fill your CRM with leads who convert on your forms

  1. Convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.

    It’s not enough to grow traffic to your website — you need to grow your database, too. A free form builder can streamline the process by capturing valuable contact information from your visitors.

    With HubSpot’s form builder, you can easily create custom forms for your website without any technical expertise. Every visitor who fills out your forms will automatically be added to your database, so you can nurture them with personalized messaging and email campaigns. 

  1. Build website forms that connect to your CRM.

    Build free online forms in seconds. Then add them to your website or deploy them as standalone pages to start collecting contact info quickly. Everyone who fills out your form will be automatically routed into your HubSpot's Smart CRM. From there, you can further nurture the relationship with personalized emails and follow-up calls.
  2. Create custom forms with drag-and-drop editing.

    Use the free form builder to create custom forms without technical expertise. Drag-and-drop each element into place to ensure your web forms match your brand guidelines and specific needs. Then tailor each form with specialized and dynamic fields, different field types, progressive profiling, and more.
  3. Follow up with automated emails and notifications.

    Automatically send a follow-up email after a visitor completes your form. Enroll your contacts in sophisticated lead nurturing campaigns to convert visitors into qualified leads, and qualified leads into customers.

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Start using online forms to generate leads

Create online forms without having to edit any code so you can grow your prospect database.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A form is a group of fields on your website that collects contact information that your customer-facing and marketing teams can use to build deeper relationships. For instance, someone may use a form to submit a support request, to ask for more information from Sales, or to download a piece of content. Forms can be standalone web pages or embedded within a website.

    HubSpot forms integrate directly with your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts to ensure that none of your customers’ valuable information gets lost, and everyone is referencing the same contact data.

  • Popular features of HubSpot's forms include:

    • Analytics to understand how your customers interact with your forms
    • Partitioning to keep data from specific forms separate for each individual team
    • Customizable calls-to-action that encourage users toward desired behaviors
    • WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor for both forms and the landing pages you design for them
    • Direct integration between Salesforce and HubSpot’s CRM tools, making it easy to keep your customer data organized and up-to-date
  • HubSpot’s forms tool is part of Marketing Hub, and you can get started with it for free. If you're looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your marketing, HubSpot also offers Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Marketing Hub.

  • Implementing forms is typically a short process. Because there is no data migration or background work needed, the implementation time is only as long as it takes you to create the form and its fields.

  • HubSpot's form creation software includes various template formats you can easily customize to meet your business's needs. Choose from embedded forms that integrate with your webpages, standalone forms that you can share through a link, or slide-in and drop down banners.

    Once you select a form type, you can also find pre-written templates that match your form's goal — driving newsletter signups, event registrations, gated content downloads, or "contact us" page submissions.

  • Form builder is built on HubSpot's customer platform, which means your form submissions are automatically logged in your contact database for easy follow-ups. In addition to contact details, form submissions may be enriched with that contact's previous activity on your site.

  • HubSpot's built-in reporting gives you insight into your form performance by automatically tracking views, conversion rate, and submissions. Form analytics also automatically create visualizations of these metrics, so you can easily get a bird's eye view of how your forms are doing.