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Convert website visitors into leads with a customizable scroll box form. No developer required, integrates with popular email providers, and it’s FREE!

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Convert website visitors into leads.

Build scroll box forms and customize how they look, when they appear, and who sees them.

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Scroll box is 100% free. Create your own in seconds.

Convert your anonymous website visitors into qualified leads with scroll box forms.

  1. Customize the location and timing for your scroll box.

    Some of us are left-brained, some of us are right-brained. Scroll box doesn't discriminate.

    Choose whether your scroll box appears in the right corner, the left corner, or appears at the top of your page.

    You can also choose when scroll box appears. Set triggers for 50% page scroll, time elapsed, or exit intent.

  2. Discover who your leads are and what they’re doing, automatically.

    With HubSpot, your scroll box submissions are automatically collected in the #1 rated CRM for small businesses (or sent to where you choose).

    Your contacts will be automatically enriched with their website activity, social media profiles, and company information.

    See exactly who your leads are and what scroll box forms are driving the most conversions.

  3. Integrates with your favorite email software

    Send a customized follow-up email after leads fill out your scroll box form. 

    HubSpot integrates with other popular email providers such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Constant Contact, and Get Response. 

    Convert website visitors into leads and leads into customers. 

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