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Social Media

Focus on What Matters

Connect with the people that matter

Spend more time connecting with the people who matter the most. HubSpot Social shows you a users entire history with your company, from page views to email opens to customer-status.

Real Social ROI

Because HubSpot integrates all your marketing activities and CRM, you can see the number of leads and customers social media is generating for your company.


Earn the love of your customers with help from the the only social tool integrated into all of your marketing.

So, what makes us different?

We’re a One Stop Shop

Having all of your content, reports and contacts integrated with social, streamlines publishing and allows closed loop reporting.

Built in Prioritization

Social Inbox allows you to prioritize the social media users that matter the most to your business by showing you who is engaging with your accounts and post.

Smarter Publishing

Regardless of social platform, get all your content out to all your followers at the times that drive the most impact.

All the social tools you need

  • Schedule and publish messages right from HubSpot to the social networks you love. Get easy access to your content and suggestions on the best times to post.

  • HubSpot goes a layer deeper than any other social tools. Create keyword monitoring streams of your most important contacts. Trigger email alerts when a contact mentions you or a keyword.

  • HubSpot links social interactions to the real people in your database, allowing your team to see deep context about every person.

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HubSpot customer TheHopeLine increased their social media reach 119% in six month by using Social Inbox to optimize their social engagement strategy.

Actionable social monitoring

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  • HubSpot's social streams are color coded, helping you easily distinguish leads, customers, and individuals who aren't yet in your database on social media.

  • Finding people talking about a specific keyword on social media can be interesting, but is it actionable? HubSpot can actually alert the right person on your team when their prospects mention specific keywords on social media.

  • In HubSpot, the relevant social interactions you choose populate back on each and every contacts' timeline, giving your sales team useful insight from social media without the usual work.



Social Publishing

Publish and schedule messages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus right from HubSpot.

Social Interactions

See every interaction with your messages - retweets, mentions, favorited tweets, and replies, easily digested in HubSpot's social tools.

Social Monitoring

Build streams of interactions based on keywords, segments in your database, or by cross-referencing the two to drill down to the most important interactions.

Email Alerts

Build hyper-targeted streams that alert your sales team when a specific prospect interacts with you or mentions a specific topic on social media.

Color Coding

Distinguish important opportunities and customers based on their color coded lifecycle stage.

Involve everyone on your team

HubSpot social monitoring allows you to build out custom streams for everyone on your team, surfacing the interactions they specifically care about.

Starting at $200 / month. Included with your subscription to HubSpot Basic, Professional, or Enterprise.

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