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HubSpot Solutions Partner Package Benefits

When you join the Solutions Partner Program, you’re laying the foundation for a deeper relationship with your customers and a new phase of growth for your team. In addition to revenue share on deals you bring to HubSpot and manage over time, this program gives you access to exclusive benefits at every tier.
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Partner Exclusive Benefits

Starting out, you’re either a solutions provider or a solutions partner. Being a solutions partner comes with a different set of requirements and a broader range of benefits.


Partner-Exclusive Events

As a HubSpot solutions partner, you’ll be invited to a virtual event experiences throughout the year. These virtual events are our way of keeping you up to date on what’s happening with product, the program, other partners and leadership at HubSpot.

The events exclusive to partners and always include networking opportunities to connect with HubSpotters and your peers in the ecosystem. These events are incredibly valuable and completely free so don’t miss out!

Hear why our partners love Partner Day


Whitelabeled Content

We know that as a service provider, client work always takes precedence over your own marketing, so we did the heavy lifting for you. As a HubSpot solutions partner you have access to white-labeled materials you can use at every stage of the marketing funnel. We call them Campaign Kits. These Campaign Kits contain a white-labeled resource and all the promotional materials you need to start driving new leads and opportunities for your company - such as email and landing page copy.

Visit The White Label Resource Page


HubSpot CRM

A study conducted by RSW/US and Mireen revealed that 30% of agencies are still using excel to manage their new business strategy. That tells us that agencies aren't willing to pay big bucks for a complex CRM system they won't full utilize. Enter HubSpot's Free CRM. HubSpot's Free CRM was built for sales teams that need an easy way to organize, track and grow their sales pipeline. The best part? It's entirely free to get started and free to keep!

Get HubSpot CRM

2024 Program Updates

Partner Development Managers 

HubSpot is transforming how we source, service, and sell with solutions partners through a customer-led approach. To support this vision, we continue to invest in the Solutions Partner Program to increase enablement resources. 

As part of this transformation, effective February 1, 2024, all solutions partners will work with a Partner Development Manager (PDM). Your PDM will be  your primary contact at HubSpot, focused on short and long-term business development. They are dedicated to your success, helping you develop strategic plans to expand your HubSpot practice, drive sales efforts, and grow your customer base. Additionally, they will work with you to enhance the capacity and capabilities of your practice through required certifications and accreditations. Your PDM will also keep you informed on the latest HubSpot products, services, and strategies and help resolve outstanding issues. As part of this change, solutions partners will co-sell  deals in collaboration with growth specialists (GS) on HubSpot’s direct sales team. 

Introducing Partner Sourced Multiplier 

Today, we equally award sold points (3 sold points in non-growth markets and 6 sold points in growth markets) to deals partners source (Partner Collab) and deals HubSpot sources (DIFM). Starting February 27, 2024, we will provide 5 sold points in non-growth markets and 10 sold points in growth markets for deals sourced by partners, to incentivize and reward partners who are having an outsized impact on HubSpot’s growth. 

New Tier Thresholds 

We typically raise tier thresholds annually in line with overall company growth. We did not raise thresholds in 2023 to allow time to adjust to the new points tiering model. We will raise the overall total points thresholds by 38% on average across all tiers starting July 2024. We will not raise the sold or managed thresholds minimums at that time.

Partner Matching

We will be further investing in our partner matching program, which aims to systematically connect customers to partners through an internal tool used by growth specialists (GS) and Customer Success Managers. This year we’re investing in building an advanced data model and plan to launch a fully integrated internal tool for recommending eligible partners to HubSpotters.

To perform matches, the tool relies on self-reported information on partners capabilities from the solutions directory, internal data on a partners sold and managed history, accreditation data, and other internal signals on a partners capability. Our partner matching philosophy is that we want to surface the best fit partner for the customer based on validated capabilities and a track record of success. 

Partner Seat

On March 5, 2024 HubSpot is rolling out a seats-based pricing model for new customers. With this new pricing model, we’re also introducing the new, free Partner Seat which a customer may grant to you (at their discretion). The Partner Seat gives eligible partner and provider employees access to all features in a client’s account, so you can deliver the work you’ve been hired to do without you or the customer having to pay for your access. With the Partner Seat, you no longer will need to request access to features in your client’s account, such as sales or service seat feature access. To learn how to assign a partner seat, visit this knowledge article

To learn more about the pricing changes, read this blog post. If you’re a current solution partner, you can access this partner-only training in Academy to learn all the details, including the partner seat.


As the HubSpot product offerings and ecosystem become more complex, HubSpot, and its customers will be relying on specialized partners for programs and projects. We continue to invest in solutions partners via our Accreditations program.  

To become accredited Platinum and above organizations must demonstrate that they have the expertise, capacity, and practical experience required to serve customers with complex technical and business needs. Accreditations are more rigorous than certifications — they have a set of prerequisites and often require practical application, such as a role play exercise.

In 2024, Accreditation applications will open in French and Spanish and include two net-new Accreditations to serve the growing needs of customers globally. 


In 2024, HubSpot is building the foundation for a co-marketing program for Solutions Partners. This won’t be fully established right away and will be an iterative process. HubSpot will begin piloting on a small scale, learning and adapting the process along the way. These opportunities will be limited in volume and are not a guarantee. We plan to base the eligibility on a list of qualifying criteria, but generally priority will be given to partners who are higher tiers (platinum, diamond, elite), accredited, partners with higher partner-sourced MRR (Partner Collab) and other criteria based on best-fit for the needs outlined by HubSpot. For certain regions, there will be exceptions given outside of this qualifying criteria, subject to HubSpot’s discretion and business needs. There will be plenty of other opportunities outside of co-marketing for partners to get featured in HubSpot content and events based on business needs.

Academy Creators

We will be investing in our HubSpot Academy Creator Program, inviting and enabling external creators to enhance and expand the educational experiences for global learners and address educational gaps in emerging markets by providing educational content in the Academy App.

As we lay the foundation for this program, the HubSpot Academy Creator Program team is exclusively extending invitations to select participants, including App Partners, Solutions Partners, and HubSpot Certified Trainers (HCTs), who have been strategically chosen.

The program will consist of three types of Creators:

  • Contributors will create on-demand, standalone microlearning, and may collaborate with Academy Professors to create on-demand education.
  • HCTs will specialize in live training and on-demand training, by creating formal educational content, like lessons and courses.
  • Reviewers will provide additional quality control by reviewing content and providing feedback.

Partners must become HCTs before joining the program to create formal education such as lessons and courses. The HCT certification is not required to become Contributors or Reviewers. If you’re interested in the Academy Creator Program, please submit your interest here

Data Migration Tool 

HubSpot is making it easier to migrate customer data from other CRM platforms to HubSpot. We built a tool that migrates contextual customer data (activities, emails, engagements) so customers start on HubSpot right where they left off in their other CRM platform and get value quickly. The free of charge tool doesn’t require any coding or API work so it’s easy and quick to carry out migrations. This tool is available to those partners who hold either CRM implementation or Data Migration accreditations. 

Interested in Learning More?

Talk to a Partner Specialist

Partner Program
Benefit Descriptions

- Solutions Provider  |   - Untiered Partner
- Gold Solutions Partner   |   - Platinum Solutions Partner
- Diamond Solutions Partner  |   - Elite Solutions Partner

Revenue Share

Commission Per Deal

Receive revenue share (also known as commission) from the deals you sell. It’s just one way we reward you for all the hard work you do selling and servicing our shared HubSpot customers. We recommend reviewing our program rules of engagement and the Program Policies before you start earning commissions.


HubSpot Upmarket Referral Program Revenue Share

Do It For Me (DIFM) is one of the ways partners can collaborate and sell with HubSpot Growth Specialists. We introduced the HubSpot Upmarket Referral Program in 2023 for qualifying partners. Eligible partners will qualify for 10% commission on eligible deals for one year from the date sold. See the rules of engagement page for complete details.

People Support

Partner Development Manager     

As set out above, all solutions partners have access to a partner development manager (PDM), your single point of contact at HubSpot that helps you connect with other teams. The PDM’s responsibilities span across your entire business including, assisting with strategic planning, achieving growth plans, developing new business objectives, growing your install base, and aiming to ensure you build a successful Hubspot practice with the right accreditations and certifications. You can identify your PDM in your partner account.


Growth Specialists

All solutions partners have access to Growth Specialists (GSs) on HubSpot’s direct sales team, each assigned by geographical sales territory. GSs are your day-to-day sales partners who collaborate with you on communications strategies, roles, responsibilities, and a closing plan for each deal. They provide support on demos, generating and sending quotes, and helping you attach Proof-of Involvement (POI) for each deal. Once you register a deal, a GS will automatically be assigned to your deal based on geography and segment. 


Access To Experienced Support      

Get access to a senior member of our support team for technical troubleshooting. Just press 5 when you call. Reach out to your PDM for more information.

Please note: priority support is available only in English.


Sales Specialist Team - Service Hub & Ops Hub     

The Sales Specialists Team is made up of product-focused account executives currently specializing in Service Hub (Pro/Enterprise) and Operations Hub (Pro/Enterprise). Their mission is to define and solidify the most effective selling motions for new products to match customer expectations with sales excellence and experience. Sales Specialists work alongside your sales organization to co-sell our products by providing Hub-specific expertise during the sales process. 


Pre-Sales Solutions Architect 

Elite partners get access to the Solutions Architect team. This is a relationship based on sales of HubSpot’s full suite of software, focused on sophisticated clients with complex, enterprise-grade needs. Our Solutions Architect team represents our most tenured and experienced technical people aligned to the global Sales Engineering organization. They’re client-facing and embedded in our sales process and our go-to-market and product teams. To identify your solutions architect, reach out to your PDM to have them submit a request via this form.


Partner Platform Services 

Elite partners have access to the Partner Platform Services team. Think of them as an extension of your post-sale, customer strategy team. They workshop customer scenarios and answer integration-related strategy questions. Use them to strategize on a quarterly basis or connect with them as needed to help identify the right technical solution for a specific customer initiative. Reach out to your PDM for more information.

Marketing Tools

HubSpot Solutions Directory      

Each day, businesses are looking for a partner to help them grow their business. As a provider or partner, you can create a listing in the HubSpot Solutions Directory to get discovered by your next new client. The directory allows you to showcase your areas of specialization by industry, geography, certifications, client reviews, accreditations, and more. Set up your directory profile to get started.


Partner User Groups (PUGs)  partner gold platinum diamond Elite

Partner User Groups, affectionately referred to as PUGs, are role-based networking groups that connect you with partner peers in your corner of the world monthly. In your PUG, you’ll meet partners across various tiers and backgrounds who face similar challenges as you. Collaborate virtually on new ways to crush a challenge all while making meaningful connections in the partner community. Click here for more details on this year-long program, including the application dates and regional, in-person Super PUG meetups. 


Impact Awards     

Get the recognition you deserve for all your remarkable client work. Apply to the Category Impact Awards for a chance to be recognized by HubSpot and stand out from the competition. Looking for inspiration? Check out past winners and, when you’re ready to apply, head to the application page.


Tier Badge     

Demonstrate your expertise to potential customers with a badge to prove your HubSpot connection.  Display your tier badge on your website and in your email signature to differentiate and show your accomplishments with HubSpot. Please be sure to review and comply with the Partner Promotion Guidelines and our general Trademark Usage Guidelines.



Partner BrandFolder DAM  partner gold platinum diamond Elite

Our new Solutions Partner BrandFolder centralizes all your HubSpot branding needs into one place, with updated brand guidelines, program logos, tier badges, 50+ icons, and 60+ product screenshots for use in your marketing materials. Please be sure to review and follow our promotional guidelines when using these assets.

Using the partner-specific badges and logos is always preferred, but if you have a use case that the HubSpot company logo or sprocket is more appropriate for, you must first submit a mock-up of your asset and seek approval for logo usage by completing this form. Please note that logo request reviews can take between 7-10 business days. 
If your request is approved, you will receive a timed, private link to the Brandfolder where you can download high-res versions of the logos.

Before submitting your request, please refer to Trademark Usage Guidelines. When using any version of the HubSpot logo, do not change or alter the color of the logos, and do not skew or distort the logos in any way, shape, or form.


Marketing Resource Library Listing   

Contribute your marketing offers and templates to HubSpot’s Marketing Resource Library. Generate leads by hosting your content in the go-to resource center for marketers worldwide.

Note: All content will be reviewed for quality control and must be original to your business, not created from white-labeled content. Priority will be given to topics that fill a gap or are aligned to business priorities.


Eligibility for Co-marketing Opportunities   

In 2024, we’re beginning to pilot co-marketing opportunities. Co-marketing opportunities are limited in volume and are not a guarantee, subject to the needs of HubSpot. It is planned that platinum, diamond and elite partners will be eligible for these opportunities as they arise along with other qualifying criteria, but generally priority is given to higher tiers, accredited partners, partners with higher partner sourced MRR and other criteria we use to evaluate fit. For certain regions, there will be exceptions outside of this criteria, subject to HubSpot’s discretion and business needs.


Eligible for a Featured Quote in a HubSpot Blog  

As a diamond or elite solutions partner, your expertise can be featured in a HubSpot blog article by contributing an expert quote. These articles could reach between 500k-1M views. You also include a backlink of your choice within the article. To submit to these opportunities, you’ll need to join a private slack channel in the partner slack space, where our blog team will post opportunities. Request access with this form.

Note: this applies only to the english blog, but we are exploring opportunities for blogs in other languages. In the meantime, non-english partners can still contribute to the english blogs.

Sales Tools

Deal Registration      

Deal registration is a custom-built tool that removes friction in the selling process. What makes our tools different is that registering a deal creates a shared deal that syncs between your portal and HubSpot’s. A shared deal is the deal record that's created in both the partner's and HubSpot's CRM when a deal is registered. You can register a shared deal in one of three ways: through a banner on the partner dashboard, on a contact or company record, or by converting an existing deal in your CRM.


Partner Deal Notifications      

Sign up for partner deal notifications when someone at the prospect company signs up for HubSpot’s CRM.  Learn more and register under the Settings tab in your partner account.


HubSpot Demo Account     

Get access to a personal HubSpot demo account with the full Enterprise CRM Suite and corresponding CRM dummy data so you can effectively demo and sell all of HubSpot's software.


Waive Onboarding for Your Clients     

By taking the Partner Certification and going through partner onboarding with your partner development manager , you’ll become an expert on inbound services and HubSpot software. You can then waive the standard HubSpot-provided onboarding requirements for customers who prefer to receive onboarding through your business. In order to waive onboarding, you must provide services sufficient to replace HubSpot’s onboarding services. For more information, please see the ‘Waive Onboarding’ section of the Rules of Engagement.


Customer Reference Program     

The Customer Reference Call Program connects potential HubSpot customers with an existing customer on a 1-to-1 call to discuss their experience with the HubSpot platform and help you close your deal with a live testimonial. During the call, customers candidly share their story and address any concerns that the prospect may have. Reach out to your PDM for more information.


Eligible for Partner Matching    

The Partner Matching Program aims to connect customers with the best fit partner based on the customers needs, validated partner capabilities, and a partners track-record of success. To be eligible* for partner matching opportunities, a partner must:

  • Hold an active Accreditation


  • Be credited for Gold tier or higher
  • Have a 12 month customer retention of at least 85%
  • Have sourced at least 20% of their total sold MRR (Partner Collab)
  • Hold at least one software certification
  • Hold at least one implementation certification

* Partner matching opportunities are not a guarantee and are subject to customers' needs. Tier status is one layer of criteria we look at when determining eligibility, but is also based on customer retention, sourced MRR (partner collab), and certifications held. Priority is given to partners who have a higher sourced MRR (partner collab), hold accreditations, in addition to other criteria.

Servicing Tools

HubSpot Academy Partner Training      

Access an exclusive catalog of partner training to educate and develop specific roles at your organization, including sales, service, and implementation. Earn partner credentials to validate your expertise in a select group of strategic competencies. All available partner training and credentials can be found in the Partner Training tab of HubSpot Academy.


Client Management Dashboard      

Get a portfolio view of your book of business with real time data and actionable insights into how your clients are performing. In client management, you’ll also be able to manage your teams’ access to client accounts and assign Partner Admin permissions. With timely alerts and notifications, you’ll know exactly what’s happening throughout the lifecycle of your customers, across all products. Access this dashboard within your HubSpot partner account.   


Partner Seat      

On March 5, 2024 HubSpot is rolling out a seats-based pricing model for new customers. With this new pricing model, we’re also introducing the new, free Partner Seat which a customer may assign to you at their discretion. The Partner Seat gives eligible partner and provider employees access to all features in a client’s account, so you can deliver the work you’ve been hired to do without you or the customer having to pay for your access. With the Partner Seat, you no longer will need to request access to features in your client’s account, such as sales or service seat feature access. To learn how to assign a partner seat, visit this knowledge article.

To learn more about the pricing changes, read this blog post. If you’re a current solution partner, you can access this partner-only training in Academy to learn all the details, including the partner seat.


Eligible For Data Migration Tool     

HubSpot is making it easier to migrate customer data from other CRM platforms to HubSpot. We built a tool that migrates contextual customer data (activities, emails, engagements) so customers start on HubSpot right where they left off in their other CRM platform and get value quickly. The free of charge tool doesn’t require any coding or API work so it’s easy and quick to carry out migrations. This tool is available to those platinum+ partners who hold either CRM implementation or Data Migration accreditations.

Enablement Tools

Partner Resource Center     

Consider the Partner Resource Center your home base for the latest partner news and resources. From this resource center, navigate to product resources and the partner blog and get more details on the benefits noted in this guide. You’ll find tools to help you be more successful and grow better with HubSpot.


Onboarding Foundations     

Onboarding Foundations is a series of workshops that provides partners with the foundational knowledge for selling and servicing HubSpot, enabling you to deliver remarkable experiences to customers. Additionally, it includes software-specific workshops to help you master and adopt the HubSpot product platform. Learn more here.


Seismic: Enablement Platform   

As a platinum, diamond, or elite partner, you’ll have access to an exclusive enablement platform called Seismic. This platform has all of the latest pitch decks, one-pagers, competitive intelligence, and other helpful resources your team needs to sell and service. In addition, you'll also find confidential information that helps you prepare to go to market with us, such as upcoming product releases. You’ll have the same materials our sales reps do, on the same platform. 


Product Previews   

Want a sneak peek into new products or program changes? How about exclusive events with HubSpot leaders? As a platinum, diamond, or elite partner, you’ll be invited to events where you’ll hear first-hand from HubSpot’s general managers, go-to-market leads, and product managers on upcoming product releases and other behind-the-scenes information. These events will be smaller and more intimate and will give our top-tier partners a first look at some new features, new campaigns, and brand-new products. Your primary point of contact at your business will receive invitations to these events through email.


Private HubSpot Partner Community Space      

The HubSpot Community is a space to engage with a community of people using the HubSpot products and services that you sell and service. Plus, we have a private, partners-only space on Community where you can discuss strategy with your peers, hear about product updates, and stay up to date on new resources from HubSpot. Check it out here.


Private HubSpot Partner Slack Group      

Join the growing group of partners already using Slack to build community and foster collaboration around the globe. Stay connected with other partners and message directly with your HubSpot PDM in this private group. Request to join here if you’re a solutions partner. (That means your tier status is partner or anything gold and above.)  If you’re a solutions provider, request to join here.


Monthly Newsletter      

Keep your team in the loop on the latest at HubSpot. Subscribe to “Education, Content and Resources” emails through HubSpot to get our quarterly program updates newsletter. This will deliver the most important partner announcements, product updates, and content straight to your inbox. Additionally, by subscribing to these emails you’ll receive our Monthly Partner Power-Up, containing sales and product resources to help set you up for success as a HubSpot partner.


Private HubSpot Partner Facebook Group     

Collaborate with partners across the globe in our HubSpot Partner Facebook group. Ask questions and get real-time answers from other agencies on anything from integrations to advertising strategies to tips on the HubSpot tools. Make sure you fill out the required questions when you request to join the group. Only verified solutions partners will be approved. As part of joining the group, you also agree to the following rules of conduct. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your removal from the group (at HubSpot’s sole discretion):

  1. Use good judgment: This group is built to help our solutions partners network and grow. It's up to all members who join to use good judgment when posting or engaging. We want to support, help, and build each other up to keep this community a safe and resourceful place.
  2. Be kind and respectful to one another: We’re here to learn and network, so be respectful. Hate speech isn't allowed. Degrading comments about topics like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, politics or identity won't be tolerated. Posts that violate this will be removed.
  3. Be relevant: We want this group to be engaging for everyone. Creating posts with just links or from a company page will be viewed as spam and removed. It’s ok to share applicable job openings and upcoming events, but please be human and add context.
  4. Be responsible: You’re responsible for your interactions. Don’t share anything that’d violate any of your contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret, non-disclosure, etc.), including the HubSpot Solutions Partner Agreement (HSPPA) and our program policies.
  5. Keep confidential information to yourself: Partners may have access to HubSpot information that’s not public or available to all partners, like betas. Remember that as a partner, you’re bound by confidentiality obligations under the HSPPA. If you have confidential information, don’t share it.
  6. Share the love: Help make the HubSpot partner community a richer place by sharing your HubSpot expertise. You may have just the right answer that somebody else is looking for, so delight them by adding your insight to the conversation.
  7. Help us hold our members accountable: We encourage you to use the report function to report posts or comments that need moderation to the group admins. This can be done by clicking on the three dots next to a post or comment and selecting “Report post to group admins”.


Eligibility To Apply For Partner Advisory Council    

HubSpot’s PAC — Partner Advisory Council — is made up of five regional groups that meet quarterly on topics ranging from new partner tools to program changes. We lean heavily on the PAC to represent the voice of the partner community on major decisions that impact the future of our program. PAC applications open once a year, in Q1. This is one of the many opportunities to give feedback on the program.

Interested? Talk to a Partner Specialist

Fill in the form to talk to a partner specialist about how the Solutions Partner Program can help your business grow. Or visit our website to learn more about our two partner packages.