Forms that are easy to create, and even easier to fill out.

Build powerful forms quickly with HubSpot’s easy drag-and-drop form builder. Then use progressive profiling to make them easy to fill out, too.

Why HubSpot Forms are better.

HubSpot Forms fuel your marketing automation.

A single form submission can kick off valuable marketing actions.

  • Trigger Marketing Automation. A single form submission can trigger an entire lead nurturing campaign, doing work while you’re sleeping.
  • Automatically update lead info. The submission of a given form can change any property in a lead’s contact record, such as their lead score.
  • Notify your sales team. Send an internal notification to the owner of a lead when they complete any particular form submission.

The easiest form builder you’ve ever used.

  1. Create forms in a flash. HubSpot’s easy-to-use form builder lets you drag and drop any number of default or custom form fields into place quickly and easily.
  2. Customize easily. Common actions like re-ordering fields or making them required or visible are simple.
  1. Create custom field properties that automatically sync to your contacts database, and easily search for them.
  2. Use Smart Fields. Smart Fields automatically remove themselves when you already have information they’re asking for, making your forms cleaner and faster to fill out.

Keep your database clean and low maintenance.

Form field validation recognizes invalid email addresses and prompts your visitors to correct them. This prevents any form from being submitted with invalid contact information. Gone are the days of leads lost to typos and errors, saving you time and energy.

Domain blocking allows you to block form submissions from email domains you don’t trust. You can even block a list of common free email domains to keep the spam out and encourage prospects to enter their legitimate company email addresses.

Error detection recognizes invalid form submissions based on criteria you set, like the required length of a phone number. The less time your prospects spend correcting their typos, the more time they spend clicking "submit."

The magic of progressive profiling.Prof. & Enterprise only

Shorten your forms, increase conversions, and gather relevant information.

What is progressive profiling?

Progressive profiling is an advanced feature of HubSpot Forms that allows you to change what information your forms gather from someone as they interact with your website over time. Progressive profiling lets you:

  • Increase initial conversions. Make it easy for prospects to begin a relationship with you by only asking a few vital questions the first time they convert. Shorter, less invasive forms lead to more prospects becoming leads.
  • Ask new questions on each visit. Mark fields on your form that will be replaced with new questions the next time your lead visits. Asking different questions over time helps you personalize your marketing and gather better lead intelligence.
  • Ask the right questions at the right time. Once your leads have visited a couple times, you can target questions to them that are more relevant to where they are in the sales process.

How it works

1st Visit: Visitor becomes a Lead

The first time someone visits your site you display a short form asking for basic contact information. This person is then added to your Contacts Database, complete with a record of their entire browsing history on your site up until that point. They are now a known lead in your database, and the record will grow richer with each subsequent visit.

2nd Visit: Lead becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

When your lead visits your website a second time, you already know their basic contact information, so you can show them a more targeted question. They only have to input information once and HubSpot Forms remembers it. In this way you progressively gather more lead intelligence over time as you target your forms more and more.

3rd Visit: MQL becomes a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

As the person interacts with your marketing content further, you can continue to customize your forms to gather more targeted intelligence. When your leads answer a specific question that is important to your business, you can notify any member of your team in real time as it occurs. In this example, you might email a salesperson when someone becomes a Sales Qualified Lead.

Forms Core Features & Benefits

  • Custom form fields

    Easily create custom form fields to track any unique property in your Contacts Database relevant to your marketing and sales qualification processes.

  • Smart fields

    Using Smart Fields in your forms means HubSpot remembers what information a visitor has already given you and never asks the same question twice.

  • Progressive profiling

    Learn more about your visitors over time by asking them different questions each time they reconvert. You’ll increase conversions with shorter forms while still gathering the right information at the right time.

  • Form field validation

    Built-in error detection and validation keeps your database clean with real emails and phone numbers.

  • The ease of drag-and-drop

    Create a variety of form fields like radio buttons, drop-down lists and multi-line text entries, and drag and drop them into place with the intuitive, easy-to-use form builder.

  • Form versatility

    Attach a form to as many HubSpot landing pages as you want with one click, or export a form to any external website; the two function the same.

Forms are integrated with every tool of HubSpot.

Forms go beyond simple data collection to empower the
rest of your marketing tools.

Landing Pages

Forms are the lifeblood of landing pages. Attach a form to one of HubSpot’s landing pages with just one click. Harness the full power of your forms by attaching them to as many pages as you want.

Marketing Automation

Filling out a particular form can increase a lead’s score, change their lifecycle stage, or trigger an entire lead nurturing campaign. Every time you collect more information from a lead, you gain more insight on how to best direct them through your sales funnel.

Lead Management

Filling out a form captures much more than the information a visitor enters in each field. Once a form is submitted, the lead’s entire browsing history on your website is then associated with their profile in the Contacts Database.

How forms fit into your Inbound Marketing plan.

  • Convert: You can’t convert a lead without a form. Tailor your forms to each visitor’s lifecycle stage and to each of your target buyer personas. Make sure your forms don’t ask for more information than a visitor is ready want to give up.
  • Close: Tailor each form to its specific purpose and make sure that every lead knows exactly what they will be getting. Make life easy for your leads by using smart features to ensure they aren’t stuck filling out the same fields again and again.
  • Delight: Your current customers are interested in your offers, too. Forms can help you provide out-of-this-world customer service by allowing you to pinpoint and address specifically what concerns, challenges, and goals your customers face.

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