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Payment Links

Create and share payment links to get paid faster in just a few clicks.

  • Accept payments easily with payment links — no coding or website required.

  • Collect one-time payments and recurring payments.

  • Include payment links anywhere your customers are: emails, your website, forms, meetings, and more.

  1. Collecting payments has never been easier.

    We believe getting paid should be fast and easy. 

    With payment links, you can collect credit, debit, or ACH payments directly from your customers. You’ll get paid faster, save time, and increase your revenue. Plus, your customers will love how easy it is to pay you.  

    Here’s how it works: 

    1. Create a payment link to process a one-time or recurring payment
    2. Share the link with your customers directly or embed it in your website, forms, emails, or CTAs.
    3. Get paid! It's that easy. 
  1. Create a payment link — in seconds.

    Create and share secure one-time or recurring payment links directly with your customers, so they can pay you in just a few clicks. Choose to process payments with your Stripe account or HubSpot payments.

    Embed and share payment links in emails, your website, forms, meetings, and more to speed up the payment process.
  2. Deliver an exceptional checkout experience.

    When your customer opens your payment link, a user-friendly checkout page launches. Customers can easily pay with credit or debit cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more. Secure transactions with reliable payment processing.
  3. Centralize commerce on HubSpot’s customer platform.

    With payment links conveniently integrated into HubSpot's Smart CRM, you no longer have to switch between multiple tabs, tools, and systems. Keep your commerce and customer data in one unified solution for a seamless and efficient workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A payment link is a URL or QR code that starts an online transaction. Clicking or scanning the link opens a payment portal or page that’s pre-loaded with the details of your customer’s purchase. Your customer simply enters payment details, and payment is made.

  • Payment links are one of the most useful checkout methods because they’re so versatile. A link can be specific to one transaction or always tied to a particular product or service. They can be personalized to one customer, or available for anyone to click. You can even decide whether the link is one-time use, time-limited, or a permanent link for recurring payments. This makes them especially helpful for subscriptions, invoices, and quotes.

  • U.S.-based Starter, Professional, and Enterprise edition customers have access to use payments, and we are hard at work to expand globally. 

  • You can integrate payments with the finance software your team already uses, like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, Stripe, and Chargebee. If you use Quickbooks, sync payments collected in HubSpot to your QuickBooks Online account to ensure easy financial reconciliation. Payments can be synced as paid sales receipts or paid invoices based on your needs. 

  • After setting up the payments tool, you can create payment links to share with customers so that they can easily complete a purchase. To create, edit, or delete payment links, you must be a user with a super admin permissions or have Manage payment links access. You can also choose to process payments with your existing Stripe account for added flexibility.

    Visit the knowledge base for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and share a payment link. Learn more about HubSpot’s Stripe integration for a seamless experience.

  • When adding a new product (or editing an existing product) in your product library, select the desired billing frequency for the product. Then create a payment link/quote for that product. When your customer agrees to your terms and completes the first payment on a payment link/quote, HubSpot payments will create a subscription object to track the scheduled payments and will help you collect automated payments from the customer. To learn more, visit this knowledge base article.

  • Payment links have multiple layers of security to protect sensitive payment information. Your buyer's payment credentials are encrypted and tokenized to help ensure that unauthorized parties do not gain access to sensitive payment information.

  • Yes, you can accept card payments denominated in U.S. dollars from buyers outside the U.S. We support global and regional card brands, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, and Japan Card Bureau (JCB).