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CRM Customization

Improve productivity with the most relevant and customized data in HubSpot's Smart CRM

  • Easily map your specific data model onto the CRM

  • Configure default layouts to better suit team needs

  • Expand the reach of your CRM with UI extensions

  1. Spend less time searching for the right data in your CRM.

    Your CRM houses a lot of data and teams often spend too much time looking for the data they need. CRM customization allows teams to personalize their experience, accessing only the necessary data for their role. This eliminates distractions and improves efficiency so they can focus on what matters most – your customers.

  1. Create a transparent and scalable data model.

    CRM customization allows you and your team to use custom objects, properties, and associations to organize specific data models in HubSpot’s Smart CRM. Moreover, customization ensures your data model is transparent and scalable for your growing team.
  2. Provide information to users at the right time.

    Easily modify HubSpot's default spaces to match the needs of your team. You can configure deal pipelines, board views, index pages, record pages, and more.
  3. Build extensions on HubSpot’s Smart CRM.

    Extensions allow developers to use HubSpot-built components to create net-new UI elements that display custom information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Generally no, but for more sophisticated customizations a developer skill set is needed.

  • All free plans include a level of customization, including the ability to configure system defaults. Professional plans provide the ability to configure elements by team. If you need to use the UI extensions, Sales or Service Enterprise will be required.

  • You can start customizing right away! Most customization in HubSpot can be done without any additional cost or resources. More complex customizations may require additional time.

  • Customization ‌matches your tools to your processes, which in turn removes distractions and inefficiencies among your teams. 

  • Get expert development help from one of our certified solutions partners who can help you implement, onboard, and customize your CRM to your business needs.