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Free Pipeline Management Software


Visualize your entire sales cycle using pipeline management software to prioritize leads and close more deals.

  • Close more deals with a bird’s-eye view of your sales pipeline

  • Customize your sales pipeline around your buyers’ needs

  • Track key activities, quota attainment, and monthly trends

  1. Take control of your sales pipeline.

    Tracking your sales process can be time-consuming, especially as you scale. When your team needs multiple tools to perform key activities, track prospects, and progress towards quota, they are left with little time to engage leads. 

    With HubSpot’s free pipeline management software, organize and track your entire sales cycle in one place. Easily identify roadblocks, track performance, and zero in on the most lucrative deals from the sales dashboard. Use that data to customize your process and multiply your revenue. 

  1. Track and optimize your sales process.

    Use the sales dashboard to get total visibility into individual and team performance. View key sales activities, track how prospects are moving through your pipeline, and identity and remove roadblocks to close more deals.
  2. Customize your sales pipeline.

    Your sales process adapts to your prospects’ needs, and so should your tools. With HubSpot’s pipeline management software, you can customize your ideal pipeline without help from IT.

    Add, edit, and delete deal stages, and move deals forward by assigning tasks to your team. Then drag and drop deals between stages as they progress.
  3. Create and close deals in record time.

    Stop wasting time on manual data entry. Instead, send more deals, make more dials, and hit quota faster.

    Add new deals to your pipeline directly from a contact or company record, and save time by auto-filling the deal’s record with the most up-to-date information.
  4. Manage your sales pipeline’s health.

    Don’t let a single deal fall through the cracks. With full visibility into team and individual performance, you can easily identify where potential revenue is getting blocked, make corrections and rally your team around the most profitable deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A sales pipeline is a series of stages that a prospect moves through as they go through a company’s sales cycle. Once each stage of the pipeline is completed, the prospect is moved to the next one. Some traditional stages of a sales pipeline are:

    • Qualification, where the company decides if the prospect will be a good fit
    • Meeting, where the prospect and company discuss the product and if it fits the prospect’s needs
    • Proposal, where the sales rep sends a proposed price and feature set to the prospect for approval
    • Closing, where final negotiations are made between the two parties, and the purchase is completed

    Depending on the complexity or simplicity of your business, your sales pipeline may include more or fewer steps. HubSpot’s sales pipeline software makes it easy to customize your steps and automation based on exactly what your team needs.

  • HubSpot’s sales pipeline is part of Sales Hub, and you can get started with it for free. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your sales operations, HubSpot also offers premium features with its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Sales Hub.

  • Popular HubSpot sales pipeline features include:

    • Automatically create new deals directly on the contact record in your CRM
    • Fully customizable pipeline—add as many or as few steps as you’d like
    • Generate daily outreach lists for each of your sales team members automatically
    • Track progress across each of your pipeline stages and report on their health
    • Revenue attribution to specific deals or steps of your sales pipeline
  • If you have an existing sales pipeline tool in place, implementation time may vary based on factors such as data migration and validation. However, new sales pipeline users can set up almost instantaneously. Just set up account access for each of your team members, define their role responsibilities within the platform, and they’ll be creating new deals in no time.