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Team Email

Connect your team’s email addresses to a shared inbox to make collaboration effortless and efficient.

  • Create a shared inbox for multiple email addresses for easy collaboration

  • Automatically route emails to the most relevant user, plus add notes and filters

  • Find the context you need for each contact with HubSpot’s Smart CRM

  1. Organize all customer-facing conversations in one place.

    Shared inboxes are great in theory, but they can lead to confusion in practice. When you have multiple people working with one customer or prospect, how can you be sure you’re not double-messaging them or failing to follow up completely?

    With HubSpot’s shared inbox, you get team email that actually works. Track each interaction, seeing who has responded to emails. Route incoming messages to specific team members, and connect with your HubSpot Smart CRM for all the customer information you need to get the job done. 

  1. Access your team email in one convenient place.

    With HubSpot’s shared inbox, you can leave guesswork in the past with visibility into customer communications across team members. Everyone can view, manage, and reply to emails. You can also see each interaction, determine when someone’s replied to one of your previous conversations, and identify which messages still need follow-up.
  2. Seamlessly route customer communications to the right team members.

    Set up automatic routing to direct emails to specific team members. You can divide up the conversations evenly, or assign them to individuals. With notes, tags, and actions to choose from, you can ensure that each message gets to the right person. Plus filters help you sort through HubSpot’s inbox.
  3. Reply faster with templates.

    If you frequently receive similar questions and inquiries, your team may be wasting time rewriting canned email responses. With a shared inbox, your team can create and use customizable templates to reply quicker. Choose from existing responses, access frequently used documents, and create sequences so your team knows what comes next, every step of the way.
  4. Get all the information you need, pulled from your HubSpot Smart CRM.

    HubSpot’s shared inbox natively integrates with HubSpot's Smart CRM, giving you access to the data you need right within your inbox. Easily view contact information, previous orders, and other conversations across non-email platforms. Get the context and confidence to craft and send your next email with just a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • HubSpot’s team email software allows marketing, sales, and service teams to collaborate efficiently by managing customer-facing conversations in a shared inbox. By consolidating all team emails in one inbox, team members can easily track the status of ongoing conversations, cover follow ups for colleagues who are out of office, and more.

  • HubSpot’s team email software streamlines your customer facing conversations with:

    • Templates that allow your team to customize canned responses and answer frequently asked questions in minutes.
    • Automation capabilities such as email sequences that involve setting up a series of emails to be sent based on customer interactions and other factors.
    • Built-in reporting that gives you full visibility into team performance, email open rates, and more.