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Complete flexibility and control to match your CRM data to your business. Because every business is unique.

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Your data, your way.

Get clear visibility of the data you need to do your best work — all in one place.

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Structure your data how you actually use it.

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    Store and customize all your data — right inside HubSpot.

    If your company’s data can’t be bucketed under categories like contacts, companies, or deals, this one's for you. With custom objects, you can easily organize more information you need to do your job, right inside your CRM. 

    Embrace flexibility to name the object, determine what properties it has, and decide what other objects it can be associated with. Custom object data looks, feels, and acts like other objects in HubSpot, so there’s no adjustment period for your team or new apps to figure out — just better data. 

    Stop working to store your data — store your data so it works for you. With custom objects, you can structure your data exactly how you need to, leveraging the uniqueness of your business to grow better.

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    Trigger workflows based on custom object data.

    Harness the power of automation, triggered by data from your custom objects. From simple tasks to more sophisticated processes, workflows will do the heavy lifting for you. 

    Create custom object-based workflows like you would any other workflow in HubSpot’s intuitive visual editor. Set enrollment triggers specific to your custom object’s properties to target whoever or whatever — whenever. 

    Whether you’re looking to send email campaigns, update properties, or create team alerts, consider it done. Automate tedious tasks with ease, and reduce friction in your unique sales process.

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    Report on insights specific to your custom objects.

    Easily slice and dice your custom object data into reports that highlight exactly what you want to track. 

    Select the exact custom object metrics you want to represent, then decide how you want to visualize it. Pie charts, bar charts, donuts charts, area charts, and more — the sky’s the limit.

    Compile your custom object reports into dashboards to summarize the insights your team cares about. Generate quality reports with quality learnings — and none of the fuss.

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Custom objects are a game-changer. They provide the flexibility to store any kind of data in HubSpot, maintaining all of the power and ease-of-use that teams need to scale and grow.

Connor Jeffers


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