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Forecasting Software

Get a holistic overview of your entire pipeline and quickly dive into the details with your team. See how your quarter is going and inspect deals to make sure your team is on track.

  • This feature is only available in premium editions of Sales Hub and Service Hub. See the pricing page for more information.

    • Timely business forecasts on monthly or quarterly cadences
    • Easy-to-use interface for painless forecast planning
    • A perfect place to hold 1:1s with sales, service, and customer success team members
    • Ability to monitor changes to your pipelines


  1. Powerful and Easy Forecasting Software

    Whether you’re checking progress toward your goal, estimating where you’ll end up this quarter, or looking for a homebase for your one-on-one meetings, HubSpot’s forecasting tool is the perfect place for your sales and service teams.

    The forecasting tool is customizable, powerful, and easy to use. And with customizable forecast categories and models, you can tailor the tool to match your business needs.

  1. Give power to your team with complete business forecasting.

    With HubSpot’s business forecasting tool, reps and managers can submit a custom forecast for the month or quarter. This forecast then rolls up by team to give leadership a full view of where their teams think they'll land. And with forecast permissions, you have the control you need to ensure forecast submissions are coming from the right source.
  2. Make better decisions with comprehensive forecasts.

    The team rollup view enables sales and service managers to quickly see a high-level forecast broken down by the team. From there, managers can drill into team performance to set their teams up for success.
  3. Forecast across multiple pipelines.

    Instead of laboring to export your deal data into spreadsheets to forecast multiple pipelines, use HubSpot’s forecasting tool for a seamless picture pulled straight from your CRM. Sales teams can instantly see monthly or quarterly revenue, while service teams can create their own pipeline to monitor renewals and upgrade deals.
  4. Leverage forecast reporting and analytics.

    Along with at-a-glance performance metrics, HubSpot’s forecasting tool ties into sales analytics, giving you in-depth knowledge of your team’s performance. With forecast categories, weighted sales pipelines, historical snapshots, and a plethora of other customizable filters, you’re never far from the information you need to take your team to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The forecasting tool uses the team hierarchy set up in users and teams. This allows you to roll up deals and drill down through multiple levels of your team hierarchy without needing to change permissions.

  • Sales teams aren’t the only ones that are asked to forecast. Now, you can have your services team forecast their renewal pipeline in HubSpot using the same forecast categories as your sales team. Finally, you can get a preview of your future revenue all in one place.

  • Yes, you can limit both the visibility of the forecasting tool as well as who can submit a forecast. So, for example, team managers can update any of their sales reps’ forecasts, but a rep can only edit their own.