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Programmable Automation

Create custom programmable automation using JavaScript or Python for every business process to keep your team efficient and your customers happy.

  • Customize automation to suit your company’s specific use cases

  • Waste less time on mindless tasks

  • Program automation with JavaScript or Python, no need for middleware

  1. Automation as flexible as your imagination.

    As your business grows, you face more complexity in your systems and processes. To scale your business sustainably, you need to connect your processes with customizable, flexible, and efficient automation.

    With programmable automation, you can write JavaScript actions or Python and execute them within HubSpot’s powerful workflow engine. Automate anything in your company, from territory management and lead rotation, to renewals and data enrichment.

  1. Automate every process.

    It’s hard to stay aligned running off a disjointed web of third-party and native automation.
    Programmable automation lets you automate your business processes within just one tool. It's a cost-effective and flexible solution to stay efficient and provide a smooth customer experience as you grow.
  2. Customize your automation with ease.

    Write JavaScript actions or Python and execute them within HubSpot’s powerful workflow engine. You can have highly customized automations up and running in no time. None of the rigidity of out-of-the-box solutions, none of the expense of custom in-house builds.
  3. Keep customer data secure.

    Customer data is a valuable asset. But when you're using disparate tools and processes to manage it, it's easy for security risks to arise. Programmable automation is built right into HubSpot's AI-powered Smart CRM, which means your data isn't unnecessarily sent to third-party services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Programmable automation is currently a feature in Operations Hub Professional edition that allows you to create customized automation actions using JavaScript or Python to cover your specific business processes and needs.

    Unlike out-of-the-box integrations, programmable automation is fully customizable and you can tailor it to fit your business perfectly. It's also built right into HubSpot Smart CRM, which means you don't have to build automation software from scratch and your data isn't exposed to third-party servers unnecessarily.

  • You can find all the technical documentation here.

  • Programmable automation is part of Operations Hub and is included in the Professional edition. See more information about Operations Hub pricing here.