You've probably heard about HubSpot's new Salesforce V2 connector. It's an entirely rebooted version of the HubSpot-Salesforce integration that is easier to use, more powerful, and more reliable than ever. And the time to switch is now.

Find out more about the new HubSpot-Salesforce integration below. You can also learn more about individual features on the HubSpot Product Blog, or on the Salesforce Integration Page.

What's new in the Salesforce V2 Integration?

Feature V1 Integration New Salesforce V2 Integration


All leads sync from HubSpot to Salesforce. Moving leads in the other direction requires a manual import with a CSV file.

Fully bi-directional syncing means that CSV imports are a thing of the past. Records travel in both directions, and you have full control over when individual leads sync between systems.

Speed and Reliability

Generally fast and reliable, but longer lists take time to process.

Salesforce FastSync means ultra-reliable, near instant delivery of new leads to your sales team. Solid, redundant architecture protects against syncing issues.

Sales Lead Intelligence

Basic lead intelligence information and page view history for your sales team.

Full support for Salesforce activity records puts important details like email interactions and website conversions right in front of your sales team, where they are already looking to learn more about their leads.

Sales Rep Notifications

Basic notifications when leads revisit your website.

A robust new notification email system allows you to automate alerts to your reps based on any key actions or details you choose. Full control over notification emails means you choose exactly what your sales team sees.

Upcoming Features

The V1 version of our Salesforce connector is no longer receiving new features.

An exciting list of new features that you'll be able to take advantage of easily as they roll out. Updates to the sales rep screen inside of Salesforce, support for additional object types, and more great improvements are on the horizon.