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Keep your team organized and efficient by ensuring every user has access to the right assets.

When your team is small, you're all working on the same set of assets. The marketing team is building one blog; the sales team is working a single pool of leads; the services team is answering one collection of customer tickets.

But as your company grows, your team structure will get more complex. You might have multiple marketing teams working on separate product lines, multiple sales teams working different geographies, or multiple service teams answering tickets from different types of customers. 

With growing team complexity, global access to all access for all users is inefficient and illogical. Enter HubSpot's team permissions. With team permissions, every user will have access to the right assets. That means better organization and higher efficiency for your company.

  1. Content Team Permissions

    Keep marketing organized and efficient

    As you scale, your marketing team will expand to new frontiers. You might have a partner marketing team working with channel accounts, an event marketing team generating demand for your annual conference, and a sales enablement team creating assets for reps. 

    With team permissions for content, your marketing teams will only see their team's web pages, blog posts, and landing pages. That means less clutter and less risk of cross-team content mixups.

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    Help sales stay focused and productive

    As your sales team matures, it'll split up: you'll have multiple teams by region, company size, product line, or vertical. So they can be most efficient in their own lanes, reps should only have access to the records most relevant to them.

    With team permissions in HubSpot CRM, assign one or more owners to contacts, companies, and deals, and give your reps access based on that ownership. A more focused and efficient sales team means more time spent selling and more deals closed.

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