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User Permissions

Keep your teams organized and efficient by granting every user access to the right assets.

  • Easily define who can access key business data and processes

  • Manage ongoing permission changes in one central location

  • Audit user activity and adjust permissions as needed

  1. Provide teams with only essential information.

    Your teams need to be focused on attracting, selling, and delighting customers; but irrelevant data and processes slow them down. User permissions ensure your data is protected and your teams are seeing the right information at the right time.

    Leverage HubSpot’s user permission tools to control access across areas of the HubSpot customer platform such as records, content, and tools in order to make your teams more focused and efficient.

  1. Oversee user permissions in one simple location.

    Managing user permissions can be complicated. Without an easy-to-use solution, you’ll waste valuable time on administrative tasks. HubSpot’s permission management tools are built directly on the customer platform, so you can manage your teams with the ease of use you deserve.
  2. Monitor user activity to improve key processes.

    Reviewing user activity is a critical step in troubleshooting and evolving business processes. Keeping an eye on the actions of users can quickly identify any issues that might be slowing down work. Use HubSpot’s user auditing tools to gain valuable insights and recommendations to help boost productivity.
  3. Keep Marketing and Sales organized.

    A strong partnership between Marketing and Sales drives more revenue — but cluttered workspaces distract from that mission. Set up HubSpot’s user permission tools to ensure your marketing and sales teams can easily locate their core assets and execute a clean go-to-market motion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can get started with user permissions in HubSpot for free. Advanced permissioning functionality is available in certain premium editions of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub (see pricing page).

  • HubSpot’s CRM platform allows marketing, sales, customer service, and operations teams to work in one place without stepping on each other’s toes. User permissions can be configured so users only see relevant content. 

  • Setting up user permissions in HubSpot is easy! Common features used when setting up user permissions are:
    • Teams: Organize users into groups to streamline your business processes.
    • Permission sets: Quickly configure user permissions and see faster activation rates.
    • Audit logs: Monitor user activity and easily troubleshoot issues as they arise. 
  • HubSpot’s user permission tools are a great fit for any business that has multiple users working in a single tool. User permissions make any sized scaling team more efficient and secure by organizing and restricting access to data.