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Harness the power of video across your marketing, sales, and service teams to provide actionable, personalized content to your leads and customers.

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Build Stronger Relationships Through Video

Connect with your leads and customers through the power of sight, sound, and motion.

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HubSpot’s video tools are powered in part by Vidyard, a HubSpot app partner.

Lights, camera, action — time to elevate your video strategy.

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    Launch actionable, SEO-optimized, ROI-positive video campaigns.

    Host and manage video files inside the HubSpot platform, and embed those videos into website pages, blog posts, and social media channels with just one click.

    Update the metadata for each video so it's easy for search engines to find your content.

    Insert CTAs and forms into videos to capture more leads, and trigger video workflows that provide targeted content to those leads down the line. Best of all, video analytics provide actionable insights so you know which videos resonate with your audience and can clearly measure ROI.

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    Give prospects a personalized touch.

    People do business with people. So let your personality and enthusiasm shine through with videos you can create and share with prospects from within the HubSpot CRM.

    Send video voicemails to stand out from the competition, or use video to record your screen during sales calls to make education easier. Then send those videos to prospects as a handy follow-up they can reference.

    Wondering if a prospect watched your video? The contact record shows who clicked it and when.

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    Help customers by showing them the answer.

    Eliminate the back and forth from support tickets by sending easy-to-follow video tutorials that customers will love. Your customer service team can record their screen right from a ticket and share it with customers for personalized (and faster!) support.

    Create tutorials that answer frequently asked questions and insert those videos into your knowledge base. Customers will find the answers they need quickly, and your support team will have fewer recurring tickets — it’s a win-win.

    Say goodbye to lengthy emails and drawn-out support tickets.

Gabriel Marguglio
Because video makes communication more human and encourages engagement, all of our marketing, sales, and service efforts benefit from it. I’m very excited about HubSpot Video because businesses will be able to incorporate video into their marketing and sales strategies easily and at a low cost, accelerating long-term growth.

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