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What Is a Growth Stack?

A stack is a set of tools that work together to achieve a specific result. Many teams have an entire stack of tools they use to market, sell, and communicate with their customers. HubSpot's answer to this is called a growth stack.

The Growing Problem of Product Creep

We’re living through a renaissance of software. For every task inside a growing company, there are dozens of tools lined up to help. Free tools from ProductHunt. Platforms to solve all our problems. From the CEO, to the marketer, to the VP of sales, we’re all trying, buying, and adding new tools to the mix.
After a while, something starts to happen. As our list of tools grows, so does the amount of time and attention they need. The scale tips from our tools working for us, to us working for them. It starts as an inconvenience, but can turn into a monster. We call it product creep.

Symptoms of Product Creep

If this sounds like your day to day, you may be in the clutches of product creep.

Point Solution Proliferation

You’ve got dozens of different tools, and a growing list of integrations to babysit. Some of your tools aren’t connected, so you spend more and more time moving data around.

Enterprise CRM Confusion

You wanted a CRM system to bring everything together. What you ended up with was a beast designed for a company 10x your size. It’s so complicated that you dread using it.

The Ops Occupation

You’ve got a growing army of ops people, and an insatiable appetite for more. They spend their time building integrations, cleaning up your data, and keeping the lights on.

A Disjointed Customer Experience

The worst part? Product creep can lead to a disjointed experience for your leads and customers. When there are gaps between the tools different teams use, your customers are left feeling like they are talking to people living on different islands.

HubSpot's Growth Stack includes marketing, sales, and CRM software so you can focus on generating leads and revenue and forget about managing a stack of scattered tools.

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