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Should you build a Growth Stack?

Why you would and how to tell when the time is right.

Why do you need a Growth Stack?

HubSpot growth stack.pngIt starts with a single problem. It always does. Maybe you need a few more leads to hit your number this month. Maybe you finally outgrew a system of spreadsheets. Maybe your boss challenged you to get more accurate with your reporting. So, you signed up for a piece of software to help you solve the problem.

As your business grows, different teams with different problems start using different software solutions. More growth means more tools, and eventually these tools, meant to save time and increase productivity, actually start to hinder your growth.

Too many tools causes friction. It slows you down and clouds your focus. But you’re not alone. Every growing organization has this problem. It’s what we call Product Creep, and it’s everywhere in today’s software-happy world.

30% of marketing and sales teams are frustrated by trying to connect and integrate different tools.

52% of marketing teams waste at least 30 minutes a day trying to connect reports and data from different systems.

61% of sales teams spend at least 30 minutes a day manually entering data between different systems.

Product Creep is why we created the Growth Stack. HubSpot now offers sales and marketing technology that works together to maximize your growth. HubSpot comes connected. Out of the box, our tools are set up in a way that make it easy for you to move fast and just know that things will work. Your HubSpot Growth Stack connects your sales and marketing teams by sharing data and reporting on your complete funnel. The Growth Stack is built to facilitate inbound. Whether it's inbound selling, inbound marketing, or inbound service, we help you focus on the customer. We’ve built a stack that's free and easy to get started on. 
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How will you know you need a Growth Stack?

There are many reasons why a more strategic approach to building out your stack is a good thing. Based on our conversations with sales and marketing professionals, there are four warning signs to watch out for. If you’re experiencing any of these pain points in your day-to-day, it’s time to evaluate your stack.
  1. Your Stack is incomplete

    A complete Growth Stack covers your entire funnel. This means that you have tools to attract visitors, convert those people into leads, nurture those leads into deals, manage prospects, and delight customers. Maybe you’ve got a strong sales process and CRM, but marketing has a hodgepodge of software and tools they’ve grown out of. Or maybe you’ve just added a few sales folks and they keep asking you for the log-in to the CRM you don’t have. The first step in building a strong Growth Stack is making sure you have all the pieces to support your sales and marketing funnel.
  2. Your teams are disconnected

    A healthy tension between sales and marketing may be unavoidable, but to really accelerate growth, you can’t have any dysfunction between these two teams. A point solution-based system usually fails these teams fast, and creates an unnecessary rift. These teams need to be in lock step and having one software solution for both will make it easy for them to align on contact data and reporting.

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  3. Your stack is overly complicated

    A system of point solutions can “work” together but things often get complicated very quickly. Having duplicative software, duct-taped together by custom integrations or wonky hacks, is a disaster in waiting. This product creep can often happen over time without anyone knowing about it. There may have been things along the way that a freelancer or IT person patched together that you’re not aware of until they break. Keep an eye out for complexity. It’s the enemy of a great Growth Stack.

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  4. Sales and marketing are slow

    Maybe the worst issue with a point solution setup is how much it can slow you down. Because this slowdown is gradual, it can be hard to notice. How much time do your sales and marketing teams waste each week on navigating different systems? How many logins does each sales rep have to know to do her job during the day? What manual processes or systems are slowing you down? Get rid of them with a Growth Stack that’s built for speed.

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