Start building better relationships with your leads.

Introducing messages, the newest feature of HubSpot Sales Pro.

The way we buy has changed.
The way we sell should, too.


HubSpot Sales is the all-in-one sales software that helps you build, automate, and accelerate your sales process at every stage of the funnel. From email tracking, to web-based calling. From automating your outreach to scheduling your next meeting. HubSpot Sales has everything you need to accelerate sales and build lasting relationships with your leads -- all in one perfectly integrated package.


Messages marks the newest addition to HubSpot Sales Pro.
It’s the first live chat platform that’s natively built into your CRM. 

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Having that personal touch is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the sales process. With messages, people can chat with the sales rep who owns their account. It’s really reassuring for prospects to be able to work with the same person, and it shows our prospects and customers that we really care

Learn more about live chat.

Watch the on demand webinars.

Getting Started with Messages

Join us as we walk you through everything you need to know about HubSpot messages, the new live chat tool built just for sales teams.

Making Live Chat Part of Your Sales Playbook

Join us as we show you how to successfully make live chat part of your sales playbook.

Account Based Marketing w. Messages

Join us as we show you how messages, the live chat tool built for sales teams, can help you build more personal relationships with your prospects.



Messages helps you connect with site visitors and convert them into customers.


Chat with site visitors in real time.

No more missed connections. Messages lets you chat with leads right when they’re most engaged. It’s easy to setup, simple to manage conversations, and the best way to connect with new leads.


Route visitors to the right owner.

Relationships matter. Target site visitors with welcome messages written just for them. Automatically route site visitors to the right sales rep so it’s easy to keep the conversation going.


Keep track of everything, automatically.

Continue the conversation offline. Messages will automatically save conversations to the contact’s timeline in HubSpot CRM, so it’s easy to follow up. Enroll them in a sequence, give them a call, or schedule your next meeting. It’s easy.




The experience getting started with messages was a 10 out of 10. It was so easy -- we had three new messages come in within hours of setting it up. Having this new channel as a way to communicate with folks proved its value immediately.