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Scheduling Software

Share a scheduling link that lets contacts book appointments with you without the tedious “what time works for you” emails.

  • Give customers the flexibility to book a time that works for them

  • Share your scheduling link via email or your website

  • Automatically sync scheduling software entries to your CRM

  1. Take the hassle out of finding a time to meet.

    Finding a time to meet can be challenging when you and your contacts are dealing with busy schedules. Back-and-forth scheduling emails are tedious and inefficient, and hiring a personal assistant isn’t always feasible.

    HubSpot’s free scheduling software takes the friction out of booking appointments. Provide prospects and customers with a shareable scheduling link so they can view your availability and book a time slot that works for everyone.

  1. Leave back-and-forth scheduling emails in the past.

    Share a personalized scheduling link with prospects, giving them the power to view your availability and book a time that works. Your link syncs with your Google or Office 365 calendar, so contacts can always see your most up-to-date availability, and new meetings appear on your calendar automatically.
  2. Easily schedule appointments with multiple people.

    Finding a time to meet with one person can be hard, but scheduling with groups of people multiplies that challenge. HubSpot’s group meeting links help find meeting times that accommodate everyone. And round robin scheduling links let prospects select their time and meet with any available teammate.
  3. Use scheduling software to automate admin work.

    Your time is valuable, and it shouldn’t be spent on administrative tasks. HubSpot’s scheduling software syncs seamlessly with your calendar and video conferencing software, automatically updating your calendar with new bookings and adding video conferencing links to every invitation.
  4. Be prepared for every call with CRM integration.

    With HubSpot’s scheduling software, you don’t need to scroll through your inbox and notes to figure out who you’re talking to next. Sync meeting details to contact records in your HubSpot CRM database to get the full picture on your customers, leads, and prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scheduling software provides an easy-to-use interface for booking meetings and appointments by integrating with calendar apps to display the best available times for both parties without the need for managing meetings through constant emails.

  • Popular scheduling software features include:

    • Automatic syncing with Google Calendar and Office 365
    • Round-robin and group meeting link options
    • Shareable scheduling links that can be emailed or embedded on your website
  • You can connect the free scheduling software to a calendar that is hosted on Google Apps (GSuite), Gmail (Google Free), or Office 365. If you have an event on your connected calendar, the meetings tool will show that you're busy during the event time. Meetings booked through HubSpot will automatically display on your calendar.

  • You can get started with HubSpot’s scheduling software for free. If you're looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your support operations, HubSpot offers premium features with its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions.