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AI Summarization

Public Beta

Work smarter with AI summarization generators built inside HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service software.

  • Put reporting on autodrive by using AI to pull data, apply filters, and write descriptions

  • Close more sales deals by responding faster with AI assistants

  • Scale support with customer record summaries and ticket history

  1. Summarize all your customer interactions.

    Turn complex customer interactions in email, calls, and web chat into a wholistic summary of your customer’s journey. 

    You don’t need to imagine a world where the marketing team knows if the sales team closed a marketing lead. Customer service teams won’t have to guess what the sales team promised. Summarize all your customer interactions with HubSpot’s AI assistant. Watch your team’s productivity improve with AI summarizations.

  1. Generate more leads.

    Marketing teams spend a lot of time creating content tailored to multiple online platforms and geographic regions. Generate social posts that summarize the appeal of existing blog content. Looking to test new markets? You can even regenerate the social copy in different languages.
  2. Close deals faster.

    Complex deals lead to long email threads that take new stakeholders a long time to get up to speed. Watch sales teams efficiency improve when leads are reengaged with a summarized thread. Transfer prospects to another sales team member with ease using the AI-generated email summary.
  3. Scale support.

    Getting asked the same questions by a customer service agent is a painful experience for customers. When customer service agents need to transfer a conversation to another team member, AI summarization can ensure critical context is conveyed efficiently.
  4. Increase productivity.

    Business costs are rising at the expense of growing your business. Give your team members an AI reporting assistant that can turn mundane data-gathering tasks into insightful business reports. HubSpot AI assistants can also generate report description summaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI summarizations either extract sentences that are likely to be important or generate new sentenceIs on the main points of the text analyzed.

The summarizations by HubSpot AI are abstractive, new sentences. To use HubSpot’s AI summarization features that are in beta, you acknowledge and agree to HubSpot’s beta terms.

HubSpot’s AI summarization generators can empower all areas of your organization, from marketing and sales to service and content creation. In summary, HubSpot's AI summarization features can help you:

  • Improve content strategy distribution by optimizing your marketing ideas to various social media channels.
  • Enable sales with time-saving AI summaries on complex customer interactions.
  • Automate note-taking and enable quick drafting and sending of inquiry responses to streamline your customer service process.

This page was created with the help of HubSpot's AI tools. 

HubSpot strives to be transparent with our customers and partners about how we develop and deploy AI across our organization. HubSpot’s AI ethics principles provide us with a framework to guide our AI product development, and ensure we approach AI ethically and responsibly. Learn more about HubSpot’s AI ethics policy.